About Us

Having bred Australian Donkeys and tamed wild donkeys direct from the wild for over 45 years now, the knowledge and expertise that comes with your purchase of a lifelong companion in the form of a donkey, will be invaluable to you.

When purchasing a new farm and again establishing a breeding facility we were fascinated by the emergence of the Mediterranean breed and decided to pursue establishing a quality herd for breeding.

With all our herd having direct parentage to American bred Sires and Dams we continue to improve our stud lines with the introduction of new stock.

Our herd has increased to 14 breeding Jennies and 2 stud Jacks at the moment, with foals available for purchase immediately at birth.


Belted Galloway Cattle have always been a favourite and the opportunity to establish a small stud from some of the best show studs in Victoria led to the Werona Vale Stud being created.

Their ability to feed rough and still maintain body volume, their quiet nature, their no fuss calving ability and their long winter coats which makes them look like cuddly toys makes them a very attractive breed to have in your paddocks.

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